Thermal Technology

Making heat visible for optimum fire protection, all-round safety and higher profitability

MOBOTIX thermal technology makes both heat and cold visible. It is an indispensable tool for fire protection and ensuring the safety of people and objects. MOBOTIX thermal cameras also keep track of complex processes, such as production and processing, which saves money and boost profits.


Early Fire Detection

  • Protect people, facilities and goods
  • Certified by leading fire protection experts
  • Detect fires even before flames occur


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Quality Assurance 

  • Check and ensure product quality
  • Monitor processes and temperatures
  • Preventive maintenance of machines


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Perimeter and Property Protection

  • Detect intruders, even in complete darkness
  • Data-protection-compliant monitoring 
  • Energy-efficient, economical solution 


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Thermal White Paper

White Paper: How Thermal Imaging Technology Works and its Benefits in Various Applications

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