MOBOTIX offers a range of powerful plug-ins for the MOBOTIX HUB Video Management System (VMS) that are specifically designed to increase the functionality and efficiency of your surveillance solutions. Available plug-ins include:

These innovative plug-ins offer advanced features such as forensic search capabilities, temperature visualization, camera synchronization, cloud integration, simplified camera configuration and support for care facilities.


All plug-ins are available free of charge from license level L2 for MOBOTIX HUB, enabling seamless and cost-efficient integration into existing MOBOTIX systems. In addition, these plug-ins can also be used with Milestone XProtect for a license fee, providing a flexible solution for different surveillance requirements. Benefit from the advanced features of these plug-ins to maximize the security and efficiency of your application solution.


Further information on the individual plug-ins and their possible uses can also be found in the MOBOTIX Community. Further information on the plug-in versions for Milestone XProtect can be found here.