Our mission statement to go ‘Beyond Human Vision’ is the heart of a philosophy that recognizes that video surveillance is part of a wider potential with MOBOTIX as a foundational platform for innovative solutions to real world challenges in manufacturing, retail, healthcare, transportation and many other areas.

Thomas Lausten, MOBOTIX CEO

German-made Quality

Simply longer in use:

Extremely robust, practically maintenance-free and demonstrably durable products (MTBF > 9 years) thanks to the use of high-quality components: glass fiber-reinforced, salt water-resistant housing with concealed cable routing, high-end processors and image sensors, industry-standard memory cards installed as standard. Plus firmware developed by MOBOTIX with a full focus on practical functionality, cyber security and usability. Our solutions are designed to provide long-term benefits and require minimal maintenance and upgrades (ROI).

Free Software Updates

Simply supportive:

Control station, recording and operating software are part of the cameras. New functions and security patches are available to download free of charge with software updates – with only one firmware package available for all cameras of one generation. The camera-integrated video analysis apps, which can be activated via a license, can also be updated and functionally expanded free of charge over the entire product life cycle.

Real Distributed Architecture

Simply the better concept:

MOBOTIX is not only the pioneer of decentralized system architecture, but has also taken it to a whole new level. Each IoT camera contains a complete Linux PC with integrated recording, management and AI-based video analysis software. This means the camera works 100% independently as an intelligent data source. Without a server, without storage, without an internet connection, without a cloud and without the security risks and failure problems of central systems.


Simply data-oriented:

MOBOTIX systems are not proprietary. With support for current industry standards such as ONVIF, MQTT and MODBUS/TCP, MOBOTIX systems are optimally prepared for the (securely encrypted) exchange of data with external IoT devices or existing video management systems. For example, thanks to special MOBOTIX plug-ins, highly specialized decentralized MOBOTIX applications such as NurseAssist, the forensic search for MOBOTIX events, or the Thermal and SYNC Dashboard for thermal imaging and ALPR systems can be easily integrated into an existing system – without the need to expand existing servers and storage devices.


Simply better prepared:

Insecure video surveillance is one of the most frequently exploited security loopholes by hackers. With the MOBOTIX Cactus Concept, we protect you reliably at all levels. In addition to enforced password changes and encrypted MxFFS recordings on internal or external storage, the most important security component is the decentralized MOBOTIX architecture. It enables complete intelligent image processing and analysis in the camera itself. In the innovative MOBOTIX application solutions (e.g. NurseAssist or OCR), a video stream does not have to be transferred to central processing first, which means maximum data protection as well as maximum performance.

Scalable Feature

Set Simply solution-oriented:

MOBOTIX offers you - from a single source – an overall concept consisting of hardware and software components that can be individually coordinated for each application, plus the necessary service and support services. Thanks to decentralized MOBOTIX IoT cameras, camera networks can be expanded as required without the need to purchase larger servers or storage devices. This also saves time and money: the optics and image sensors as well as the activated on-board video analysis functions of a camera can be adapted to changing applications at any time.

Lip-synchronized High End Audio

Simply more value:

Most MOBOTIX IoT cameras come with high-quality audio components, i.e. speakers, microphone and VoIP software, already on board. This makes the camera not only a local output device for announcements and notifications, but also enables bidirectional two-way communication. Crystal-clear MOBOTIX sound: The audio transmission to the free MxManagementCenter is lip-synchronized with the image. And important for data protection: The microphone and loudspeaker of a camera can also be irrevocably switched off.

Leading Fire Protection Solution

Simply a life and cost safer:

We have expanded our thermal and fire protection expertise in recent years. MOBOTIX thermal cameras detect sources of fire reliably and early, usually even before flames can develop and endanger human lives. MOBOTIX is the first video system manufacturer in the world with five fire protection certifications: VdS, CNPP, EN 54-10, PBST and RIPCI. With the Thermal Validation App, which is also only available from MOBOTIX, false alarms caused by heat reflections or heat sources moving through the surveillance area (e.g. waste transporters) can be reliably ruled out.

Leading Healthcare Solution

Simply relieving:

With MOBOTIX NurseAssist powered by Kepler, we offer hospitals, nursing homes and care facilities a unique data protection-compliant tool for optimizing care from a single source. As a result, the solution enables an immense improvement in nursing services while saving time and money, and is easy to plan, configure and install thanks to its plug-and-play concept. The rapid commissioning, use and integration into existing nurse call systems make it easy for operators to establish the technology.

MOBOTIX Community

Simply unbeatable:

Our systems and solutions are unique and the result of years of accumulated and expanded expertise. MOBOTIX relies on its own research and development as well as its own production and service & support. At the same time, we are expanding our network of customers, application specialists and technology partners from various sectors year on year in order to be able to jointly offer relevant and valuable market solutions – with a focus on changing customer needs and the expansion of business intelligence, environmental protection and human safety.