Automatic registration of vehicle license plates

The LPR add-on for MOBIOTIX HUB is a license plate recognition software. It can read license plates of vehicles worldwide and link them to relevant videos. The LPR add-on sends a notification when it detects known license plates, allowing users to take action or trigger automatic events quickly.


Important LPR functions

Permit & Block List

Use the LPR function to detect stolen cars in city surveillance and trucks at a transport hub or identify vehicles belonging to employees. In addition, positive/negative match lists can be defined to trigger specific actions such as opening a gate. Customizing tasks and complete documentation for faster searches save time, effort, and therefore costs.

Prevention - No driving away without paying for the refueled gasoline

he LPR solution is ideally suited for gas station chains. Using negative lists and integrating third-party products, the system can automatically block a fuel pump when the license plate of a blacklisted vehicle is detected at a branch.

Management of long-term parkers in the parking garage

LPR recognizes the license plates of vehicles with permanent parking permits and opens barriers and gates to parking lots/garages, eliminating the need for electronic parking payment devices such as smart cards or RFID tags.

Reliable access control

Access to protected areas and properties can be controlled automatically using LPR for MOBOTIX HUB. Flexible match lists make it easy to add license plates belonging to visitors, temporary workers, and suppliers. This enables easy access control of vehicles, such as entry/exit barriers, parking lots, and toll booths.