Easy access via the Internet

MOBOTIX HUB Web Client is the online interface for accessing the most commonly used simple monitoring functions via the Internet. The Web Client lets you view, play and share videos. The MOBOTIX HUB Web Client is compatible with all Internet-enabled computers and devices, including browser plug-ins, and can be used without installation.

HUB Web Client

Easy to use

Essential monitoring functions

Instantly view live video, play back video recordings and control PTZ cameras

Broad compatibility

Available for all major computer operating systems and web browsers including: Microsoft® Windows®, Linux, OS X®, Microsoft Edge®, Safari®, Google Chrome™ and Mozilla® Firefox®

Audio functionality

Listen to audio recorded by the camera and talk directly through speakers connected to the camera using the Web Client, wherever you are.

Share videos safely

Sharing video evidence

Conveniently share video- (AVI format) and image-based evidence (JPEG) with other Internet users.

HTTPS support

Put your trust in secure communication between the MOBOTIX HUB Web Client and the MOBOTIX HUB Mobile server.

Access the system remotely

Remote control

Open and close doors or turn lights on and off, even when you are not on-site.

Access across multiple sites

Users can access the cameras from any location within a multi-site surveillance system.