Right Of Withdrawal Declaration

of MOBOTIX AG dated 17 May 2018

1. The user of the MOBOTIX website acknowledges that MOBOTIX store the personal data received within the framework of the user’s use of this website, in particular through input in registration forms, pursuant to Art. 5 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), for the purpose of data processing and that MOBOTIX reserve the right to transmit the data to third parties (such as insurance or transport companies) insofar as required for contractual performance or management or to assert contractual claims.

2. Users of the MOBOTIX website can subscribe to various newsletters using a link on the website. Their first name, last name and e-mail address must be entered for this purpose. This personal data is used only for sending out the selected newsletter. Unsubscribing from a subscribed newsletter is possible at any time without requiring the provision of a reason. A corresponding link can be found at the end of the respective newsletter.

3. Users of the MOBOTIX website can additionally declare via the MOBOTIX website their consent to being contacted through other channels such as mail or telephone. Additional contact information such as a mailing address and telephone number must be entered in this case.

4. Corresponding registration forms are provided on the MOBOTIX website for users to register online for training or events. Contact information such as a telephone number and e-mail address must be entered in addition to company information, the name of a contact person and address data for proper registration, invoicing in case of billable events and communication related to the events.

5. Additional offers for the online use of other services may be made to specific groups of persons, such as MOBOTIX partners. Additional personal data may be required for these persons to take advantage of these offers, depending on the services offered. If this is the case, this personal data is defined in greater detail in the terms of use for these services.

6. Any use of customer-related data exceeding the scope of the preceding paragraphs, particularly for the purposes of advertising, market research or needs-based design of MOBOTIX offers, is subject to the prior and express consent of the customer (opt-in).

7. Pursuant to Art. 7 (3) GDPR, the customer may withdraw such consent at any time in whole or in part with future effect without having to provide reasons. When we receive the notice of withdrawal, we promptly delete the corresponding personal data unless deletion is prevented due to legal or other compelling reasons, such as retention periods. Please note that in the case of withdrawal, the offer in question (newsletter, partner service, telephone customer consulting by MOBOTIX) usually cannot be used any longer without the submission of a new consent form.

Withdrawal can be declared in various ways. Please specify the scope of the withdrawal. It is also helpful to provide contact information in case of questions related to the withdrawal.

Withdrawal can be declared:

  • Directly on the MOBOTIX website using the withdrawal form.
  • By e-mail: info@mobotix.com or by mail:
    67722 Winnweiler-Langmeil, Germany