MOBOTIX and Konica Minolta expand common development within intelligent edge video systems for human behaviour analysis

Konica Minolta has confirmed to expand the common development projects focusing the new video/IoT platform with MOBOTIX to min. € 3 million during the financial year 2018/19.


“MOBOTIX is a strategic partner for Konica Minolta and we have seen very good progress with the common development during the past year why it will be further expanded to develop innovative video technology even faster” says Yuji Ichimura, senior executive officer of Konica Minolta.


“The further development of software projects with Konica Minolta is of key strategic importance for MOBOTIX and we are very pleased to see this development being increased significantly” says CTO, Hartmut Sprave.


“We have already explored several synergies by the technology cooperation which drives faster innovation being critical as a global player. We look forward to progress this further as the global market changes still more rapidly with increased focus on cyber security and need for video technologies to analyse the human behaviour.” Sprave continues. “Our new platform will be a hub for edge video systems that allows integration with our cyber secure technology partners.


MOBOTIX has gained significant experience in edge recording during the years as it has always been a strong DNA of the company which we now bring to the next levels. We are proud to see this being supported significantly by Konica Minolta.”