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Learn how to create lasting value with smart solutions from MOBOTIX.

Together with certified partners, system integrators and complete solution providers, we will create lasting value as we tailor MOBOTIX solutions to the specific demands of our customers. With a structured commercial and technical curriculum we will assist you in achieving expertise in MOBOTIX products and solutions.

We offer consecutive training courses on a regular basis at our MOBOTIX offices in Langmeil (Germany), New York (USA), Paris (France), Madrid (Spain), Moscow (Russia) and Sydney (Australia), as well as various other cities around the world.


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Project Lab

You will receive a solid understanding of the MOBOTIX product offering and learn in practical group sessions how to analyse customer needs and professionally plan an IP video project. In addition, you will learn what gives MOBOTIX a competitive edge and how to successfully sell a smart IP video solution from MOBOTIX.

Advanced Lab

This intensive two-day training course focuses on the configuration of a MOBOTIX camera system and the successful operation of the video management software MxManagementCenter. In this extensive on-hand training you will also learn how to optimize settings and master demanding IP video projects.

Premium Package

MOBOTIX offers training courses 1 and 2 as a complete three-day "premium training package".
Your benefits: Obtain CMP certification in the MOBOTIX Partner Program, get one free training day, save time by planning one trip in lieu of booking individual trainings.

Expert Lab

The Expert Lab is designed for professionals with experience in IP networking who have already deployed multiple MOBOTIX camera systems. You will learn how to take advantage of the full feature set and intelligent capabilities of the MOBOTIX camera. The training course also covers the latest product developments.

Access Control Lab

Only available at MOBOTIX HQ

With the Access Control Lab we are aiming at home automation and commercial integrators who would like to attain in-depth knowledge of the MOBOTIX IP Video Door Station. In this training course, you will also learn how to utilize MxBroadcast in access control applications.