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MOBOTIX Software Development Kits (SDK)

EventStreamClient SDK

The EventStream Client SDK implements the EventStream command protocol that is needed to access the EventStream service of MOBOTIX cameras from a C++ application. This service provides access to live AV streams as well as to recordings stored on the camera. In addition, the EventStream service includes a notification mechanism that allows the camera to send event notifications to the client. The entire communication is handled through a single TCP connection. The platform specific packages include the required library and header files and some sample C++ code together with a documentation of the usage.

MxMessageSystem SDK

The new MOBOTIX MxMessageSystem allows actions and alarm notifications to be sent and received throughout the entire network.

The MOBOTIX MxMessageSystem SDK helps system integrators and software developers integrate MxMessageSystem into their own applications as well as send and receive messages.

MxCameraSystem SDK

The MxCameraSystem SDK is intended to support software developers of, e.g., surveillance solutions and/or video management systems in integrating MOBOTIX network cameras into their products.

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