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06/09/2017 - MxDisplay Published

"A Smartphone On the Wall"

That's the first impression of the new wall-mounted display from MOBOTIX. It can be integrated flush with the wall, comes in a stylish design in black or white and users can operate it using gestures, just like a modern smartphone. With just a few swipes, the user can look at an overview of the cameras in the house, retrieve the latest video messages of the door intercoms or create a new access transponder for a visitor.

The MxDisplay is extremely easy to operate and serves as an intercom for the video door station. Regardless of which menu the user is in, tapping the key icon immediately shows the live image of the door station. Tapping and holding opens the door. If necessary, you can increase the security by assigning a PIN or RFID transponder.

This release for the MOBOTIX MxDisplay+ introduces the MxMessageSystem to the device, which results in a vastly expanded range of application scenarios (such as the new room thermostat control feature) and also allows using many MxDisplay devices in large installations.

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