July 06, 2023

Already the Fifth Fire Protection Certification for MOBOTIX

MOBOTIX has received the "Technical Evaluation of Suitability" certificate according to the Spanish regulations for fire protection systems

Madrid, June 2023 – The MOBOTIX M73 thermal camera for early fire detection complies with Spain's fire protection system regulation (RIPCI). The MOBOTIX thermal camera was subjected to extensive tests and technically evaluated in an external expert report prepared by APPLUS LABORATORIES, Bellaterra/Barcelona. The suitability for use in fire protection systems was certified following Article 5.3 of Royal Decree 513/2017 (Reglamento de Instalaciones de Protección Contra Incendios (RIPCI). 


The Spanish certification is the fifth attestation of the excellent MOBOTIX fire protection competence. It joins certificates from other international institutes, such as the German VdS (Verband Schadenverhütung GmbH), the French National Center for Prevention and Protection (CNPP), the Austrian Federal Fire Brigade Association (PBST), and the fulfillment of the E.U. European standard EN 54-10.


"As the first manufacturer with RIPCI certification, we are strengthening our position in the Spanish market," says Tatiana Boquín, Business Development Manager at MOBOTIX. "We are now able to implement projects that were dependent on this certificate. The technology opens up completely new potential where conventional fire alarm systems reach their limits, for example, on outdoor sites or in large halls."


Fire protection systems as a global growth market

Market research companies (such as Marketandmarkets and Blue Weave Consulting) forecast global growth of 4.6 - 6.6% over the next five years, which could lead to a total market volume of up to USD 150 billion. Market drivers here include stricter government regulations relating to fire protection. The fire protection certifications from MOBOTIX fully pay off on this trend.


Early fire detection - detecting a fire before flames arise

The large number of certificates attests to the extraordinary ability of MOBOTIX systems to detect fires even before flames are visible. The MOBOTIX thermal camera does not depend on smoke development or the detection of flames for fire detection. 


The installer configures the temperature detection parameters within the detection temperature range according to the fire risk to be detected. For each thermal sensor, up to 20 different detection areas (events) with individual criteria can be configured in parallel in the detection window. The thermal systems can not only be integrated into existing fire detection systems but also meet insurance companies' requirements and building codes.


"We have done an excellent job of expanding our fire protection expertise recently. That makes us proud. The certification of the renowned organizations confirms our outstanding fire protection competence. In addition, user experience also proves that we are on the right track. Nevertheless, we want to continuously develop further to detect fires even more reliably and quickly," says MOBOTIX CTO Christian Cabirol. "In the event of a fire, every second counts. The faster our customers react, the more protection we can offer and the lower the risk to life and property. This is what drives us to push the technology even further."