We Enable Solutions “Beyond Human Vision”

MOBOTIX have been developing and producing intelligent IP video systems known for their high level of security, uncompromising reliability and premium “made in Germany” quality since 2000. We have set standards with developments such as the first hemispheric IP video camera and the first IP video Door Station. One of our innovations, though, is particularly crucial in our increasingly networked world: the decentralized intelligence in our camera system.


MTBF* of nine years

Maximum reliability

* Mean Time Between Failure

Niedriger Energieverbrauch

4–5 watts

Lowest-possible power consumption


Four sensors

Visual, thermal, audio, shock

Intelligente Lösungen


Sensor hub with interfaces for IoT solutions

We set standards for cyber security.

Thomas Lausten, CEO

Thanks to their decentralized intelligence, MOBOTIX products communicate with other sensors and devices in the network to help achieve solutions “beyond human vision.” These solutions include reliably detecting threats by combining various different sensor technologies, as well as independently initiating actions to defend against such threats. Meanwhile, the state-of-the-art data analysis function, located on the camera itself, helps users increase process efficiency and develop innovative business models.

Integrated Intelligence

MOBOTIX cameras are equipped with independent memory management, a wide range of communication options (including SIP technology), innovative video analysis and event logic, meaning that they do more than just produce sharp images: They also recognize threats and initiate defensive actions. This creates entirely new options for prevention that pay off in concrete terms.


Maximum Flexibility

Our video solutions can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure, thanks to their decentralized architecture, and the options for expansion are practically limitless. This makes it possible to install basic but effective protection on a tight budget and expand it as needed. Thanks to the modular camera structure, lenses can be exchanged, and optical and thermal image sensors can be combined with one another on dual-lens cameras. Regular software updates keep you constantly up-to-date. This also guarantees long-term investment security.

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Who We Are

More than 300 employees from nations all over the world work at MOBOTIX. We are dedicated to making more possible with more intelligence - each and every day.