September 13, 2023

Donnersberg Energy and Business Dialog at MOBOTIX AG

Lively exchange for a strong region at the Forum for Craft and Industry

Langmeil, September 2023 - MOBOTIX AG in Winnweiler hosted the Donnersberg Energy and Business Dialog on September 12. The event format for industrial and trade companies is initiated by the climate protection management of the Donnersberg district administration and regularly takes place at companies in the region.

District Administrator Rainer Guth and MOBOTIX CEO Thomas Lausten welcomed the participants of the regional companies to the event. They agreed that the commitment of companies of all sizes regarding the conscious use of resources, the reduction of climate-damaging CO2 emissions, and sustainability are elementary important for the region. Only in the intensive interaction of authorities, companies and the people of the region can the common future be shaped attractively and responsibly.


Compressed contributions with valuable messages - valuable networking

The event aimed to demonstrate how energy can be saved and used more efficiently in companies. The implementation of innovative concepts opens up future-proof opportunities.

Reiner Bauer, Head of Economic Development and Location Development Donnersbergkreis, briefly summarized the event's goals and handed over to Dipl. Ingenieur Christian Persohn. He had already advised MOBOTIX AG and many regional companies in a leading role around energy efficiency. His contribution focused on the energy turnaround in companies in connection with heat recovery. In addition, he gave valuable advice on state subsidy programs.

Rolf Schäfer from Fernwärmeversorgung Mayen GmbH was on hand from Mayen in the Eifel region. He was able to report fascinating insights into the commissioning and expansion of the district heating network and the use of industrial waste heat in Mayen and to show what benefits this brings for the companies and the local people.

Energie- und Wirtschaftsdialog

For MOBOTIX AG as host of the event, Facility Manager Andreas Kemmer gave a practical insight into the company's sustainable investments around solar energy and electric mobility. The fast payback time of the assets, in combination with considerable CO2 savings, was surprising and motivating for the participants. MOBOTIX AG was already awarded "Climate Hero of the Month" by the climate protection management of the Donnersberg district in July 2023 for its activities around sustainable action.

Finally, Fabian Heidrich, MOBOTIX Manager TPE EMEA North West, reported to the attendees from practice where and how MOBOTIX video technology supports sustainable and energy-saving actions. MOBOTIX cameras now do much more than provide security surveillance. For example, integrating thermal cameras contributes significantly to effective and resource-saving processes in industry. This saves costs and protects the environment.

Nicole Rabild from the Palatinate Chamber of Industry and Commerce rounded off the informative forum with a contribution pointing out the great potential for companies and employees around corporate mobility management.

At the concluding joint snack, the participants and speakers had the opportunity to exchange ideas personally, an essential and lively aspect of the regional event. Networking and learning from each other helps all participants and strengthens the Donnersberg region.