Financial Information

May 25, 2023

MOBOTIX targets revenue of EUR 91 million and an EBIT margin of 10% in business year 2025/26.

MOBOTIX AG announced recently a 27% growth during the first half of business year 2022/23 where markets have partly stabilized and supply chain situation is improving gradually.


The company strategy is based on changed market conditions, increased focus on EBIT contribution and sales towards core markets in Europe, Americas and parts of APAC based on the outlined strategic plans for video solutions in specific vertical markets. The USA markets are expected to develop faster due to a stronger market growth expectations and recent investments in the sales organization.


MOBOTIX plans to reach above EUR 91 million revenues in the 2025/26 financial year with an EBIT margin of 10%. MOBOTIX projects revenues of EUR 74.9 million from BY 2023/24, which is forecasted to increase to EUR 81.3 million in fiscal year 2024/25. EBIT in turn is estimated  to increase from EUR 3.9 million (5.2% EBIT margin) in 2023/24 to EUR 6.8 million (8.3% EBIT margin) in BY 2024/25 to EUR 9.4 million (10.2% EBIT margin) in BY 2025/26. 


Current market information reports that the use of deep learning in network cameras is expected to increase by 19.2% by the year 2023 and 43.3% after year 2026 and will as such increase the usability further from traditional security surveillance to several new areas where cameras can analyze specific behaviors and provide data to relevant people and systems.


The software company Vaxtor was acquired in 2022 and is a key part of the MOBOTIX strategy based on their reading of alpha numeric codes (OCR) and their winning solutions through the use of video. E.g. for automatic number plate recognition (ALPR) but also developing into other analytic areas.


MOBOTIX has established technology partnerships with leading hardware and software companies globally and will continue the integration of these partnerships further with R&D teams in Langmeil, Germany and Madrid, Spain.


The MOBOTIX portfolio has been and will be even more specifically customized to the needs of the vertical markets served. The growth sectors of healthcare, government and municipalities as well as transportation and energy are particularly in focus.


The MOBOTIX Management Board confirms investments in the further development of thermal technologies and the integration of intelligent apps as growth drivers in the coming years.


Industries are recognising the benefits of video technology to analyse and optimise processes and workflows beyond security, with the collection, analysis and use of data playing the central function.


MOBOTIX addresses this demand for targeted analysis and automation of business processes with its new data management software MOBOTIX SYNC, which creates the next step in digitization for organizations through the use of metadata.