MOBOTIX Barcode Reader

Certified App

Safeguard and Accelerate Logistics, Warehouse and Production Processes

Reliable barcode and area code recognition 

Barcodes (1D code), QR codes and other area codes (2D) are commonly used to encode all kinds of information for logistics, industry and individual requirements. They are used to facilitate the distribution of goods and manage processes. 

MOBOTIX cameras with the Barcode Reader App can read these codes quickly and reliably. Up to 20 barcodes can be read simultaneously in a single camera image and the results shared with the leading systems. 

This intelligent application is even able to apply automatic optimization to account for distortions, damage and difficult barcode reads and deliver a better read-out rate.  


Areas of Application

Dispatch, incoming goods and warehouse management systems are used to read details of goods, complete with all relevant information such as product code, serial number, quantity and key process information. Components, assemblies and finished products, for instance, can be easily identified in the warehouse. Documenting the movement of goods during transportation using barcodes is also a simple and accurate process. It makes logistics and warehouse processes transparent and traceable, and saves costs, time and effort.

The Functionality at a Glance

  • Recognizes more than 40 common 1D and 2D and stacked barcode types (QR code, data matrix code, dot code, etc.)
  • Optimized for distorted, damaged or faded barcodes
  • Reads one or multiple barcodes in motion
  • Recognizes up to 20 barcodes within the camera image
  • MOBOTIX events via MxMessageSystem
  • Reporting via generic XML, JSON and MODBUS/TCP

Tangible Benefits:

✓ Saves resources and reduces effort

✓ Time savings

✓ Good transparency for logistics and warehouse processes

✓ Can also handle damaged and faded barcodes


The app is particularly suited to the following sectors:

Industry and production; logistics and transportation; utilities, energy and mining; retail



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