Irisity IRIS Anonymization App

MOBOTIX Certified App

Dynamic Pixelation Enables GDPR-compliant Monitoring

Anonymize people - environment remains in clear view

The app detects suspicious activities without revealing identities. However, it does not permanently pixelate the entire surveillance area, only the people moving there. The Irisity IRIS Anonymization app automatically detects whether the objects are people. It then pixelates them so they can be recognized as people but not identified. This way, you comply with regulations around GDPR and data protection rules. 


IMPORTANT - Decentralized processing in the camera ensures data security: Pixelation is decentralized directly in the camera, so no clear images are transmitted to the video management system or server. This makes the application cyber and data secure.

IRIS Anonymization is particularly suitable for sensitive facilities such as schools, healthcare facilities, industrial companies, and public places.

The functions at a glance

  • Dynamic pixelation of people in the monitored area
  • Complies with GDPR and data protection regulations 
  • Pixelation directly in the camera (no transfer of clear images to a server)
  • Option to force switch to black/white image for maximum privacy 
  • Applicable when the camera is operated indoors or outdoors
  • Pixelation of people from a minimum height of 20 pixels


Tangible benefits:

✓ GDPR and data protection compliant.
✓ Pixelation directly in the camera, no transmission of clear images
✓ Accuracy > 99


The app is particularly well-suited for the following industries:

Industry & Manufacturing; Energy, Utilities & Mining; Government; Healthcare; Education & Science