MOBOTIX Thermal Validation

Certified App

The Game Changer: Reduce The Number of False Alarms in Thermal Applications

Detect and Filter Out Non-Critical Heat Sources

The MOBOTIX Thermal Validation app detects and filters out warm objects that appear in the camera image but are not critical to the application at hand; one example of this would be a vehicle with a hot engine driving through the monitored area. Using this method, this intelligent app effectively reduces the number of false alarms or—in the best-case scenario—completely prevents them. 

This function uses MOBOTIX TR (Thermal Radiometry) technology, which measures heat radiation throughout the image area and assigns a temperature value to each pixel. 

Thermal Validation App GIT Adward

Areas of Application:

Waste management 

No alarm triggered, even though the temperature of the digger's engine and exhaust system exceed the defined limits (see the demo video for more information.)

Logistics and industry 

Delivery vehicles, forklifts and other vehicles can remain in the camera's monitoring area without triggering alarms.

Functions at a Glance

  • Expands on the temperature measurement functions of MOBOTIX TR cameras (CNPP 19005-compliant)
  • Filters out vehicles as a non-critical heat sources (e.g., hot body parts or exhaust)
  • Up to 20 temperature measurement ranges within the camera's field of view
  • Each temperature measuring range (e.g., emissivity) can be calibrated individually
  • Detects physical manipulations of the thermal sensor (e.g., covering the sensor)
  • MOBOTIX events using MxMessageSystem
  • Temperature data and threshold value status of the measuring ranges are transmitted via MODBUS/TCP and JSON/XML via HTTP(S)


Tangible Benefits

✓ Fewer or no false alarms

✓ Time savings

✓ Can be operated in parallel with other apps


The app is particularly suitable for the following industries:

Utilities, energy and mining; industry and production; logistics and transportation



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