July 13, 2023

Award for sustainable action: MOBOTIX is "Climate Hero of the Month" in Donnersberg County

Langmeil, July 2023 – District Administrator Reiner Guth of the Donnersberg district and Climate Protection Manager Lena Gilcher have honored MOBOTIX AG as "Donnersberg Climate Heroes of the Month July".  With this honor, the climate protection management of the district administration regularly rewards people, companies or associations that are committed to a better climate in the district.

This is the third year that the award has been presented - from coffee roasters who make their deliveries by truck instead of by car, to young entrepreneurs who plant trees and create habitats for small animals, to elementary school classes who regularly pick up trash around their school. The commitment is multifaceted.


Photovoltaic system and e-mobility ensure C02 savings

In September 2022, the 600 kWp photovoltaic system on the MOBOTIX production building went into operation. 5000 sqm roof area were equipped with solar panels. The system produces approximately 614,000 kWh/a of electricity, of which up to 71% is used at the site. The remaining amount is marketed. This means that MOBOTIX can cover more than one third of the annual electricity demand of approximately 1,200,000 kWh itself, which reduces CO2 emissions at the site by a significant 380,000 kg CO2/a. "In the course of price fluctuations, the greatest possible independence from the electricity market is also an important argument. The system will have already paid for itself in less than five years," MOBOTIX CFO Klaus Kiener is pleased to report. "Many of our measures are part of the European Green Deal, the ESG criteria (Environmental Social Governance) and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN as global targets for a better future. We are working every day to become even more sustainable and environmentally friendly to set a good example."



E-mobility is also promoted at the foot of the Donnersberg. MOBOTIX operates twelve charging points with 11 kW each for e-vehicles. Already, a quarter of the company vehicle fleet consists of e-vehicles. This saves 13,000 liters of fuel annually and reduces CO2 emissions by another 32,000 kg. MOBOTIX employees can also charge their private e-cars at the charging points at an attractive rate. Last but not least, the heating energy of the MOBOTIX production is generated environmentally friendly from geothermal energy and is therefore CO2 neutral. The entire parking lot as well as the hall lighting and various corridors in the building are illuminated with LED lamps.



Sustainability and environmental protection are essential for MOBOTIX, as MOBOTIX CEO Thomas Lausten explains: "We always talk about our technology meaning the future with artificial intelligence and deep learning. Of course, this applies even more to the environment and natural resources, which we want to preserve and protect. Our headquarters are located on a greenfield site at the foot of the Donnersberg mountain. Just the daily view out of the window grounds us. We know how to respect and appreciate the environment," says Lausten.