MOBOTIX cameras to protect Australian penguin colony show the way to new markets

The Australian city Manly protects its breeding colony of Little Penguins with a MOBOTIX camera system. In order not to disturb the sensitive ecosystem of the endangered colony, the MOBOTIX outdoor cameras from the M series monitor the animals around the clock, protecting the colony from invading wildlife and simultaneously recording vital and health data as well as the behaviour of the Little Penguins. In case of interferences from outside an alarm is triggered immediately and wildlife rangers can intervene. The vital and health data recorded by the MOBOTIX cameras, as well as the behavior detection, also allow immediate medical intervention to protect the colony.


This MOBOTIX solution, the protection and monitoring of a defined room, could be transferred to numerous other markets through certain adaptations and the integration of MOBOTIX technology partners. Especially the combination of video material with other parameters, such as the weight of goods, the temperature or the shape of objects, allows the immediate detection of deviations or interferences and the immediate initiation of corrective actions. This results in solutions for the logistics sector or for production control, but also in the healthcare sector:


"This project shows that this system can also be used in the healthcare sectors and can thus protect and save human lives," says MOBOTIX CTO Hartmut Sprave. "Together with Konica Minolta, we have developed solutions tailored to deep learning methods that enable the detection of threats through the combination of different sensor technologies and the independent initiation of measures to counter such threats. GDPR-compliant and cyber secure, for example, people in need of help and care in their home environment but also in care facilities can be protected around the clock and, in an emergency, help and rescue measures can be initiated immediately" added Sprave.