Solutions in Energy, Utilities & Mining: Process Optimization

Increase Yields and Trust

Intelligent Video Analysis Improves Processes

What can be said of dangers in the industry is also true of savings: They get really BIG very quickly! Monitoring production processes with MOBOTIX video technology enables their targeted improvement. Machine downtimes can be reduced or avoided. Many inspections can be performed using remote maintenance on the monitor. This eliminates unnecessary routes. This saves you money in many areas. The confidence of people in their work is especially important for companies in the energy, utilities and mining industry. Sustainability, responsibility and environmental awareness have long been actively demanded in the market. With MOBOTIX systems, you ensure smooth processes and help shape your good image for the better.


A picture paints a thousand words. Thanks to the high resolution, I can see every detail on screen and, if necessary, intervene directly to optimize the process chain.


Klaus Timmann, Power Plant Lohbrügge