Solutions in Government: Security

Protecting Public Infrastructures & People

Security And Cybersecurity Are of Fundamental Importance

Local government and municipal buildings are busy hubs, as are museums and concert halls. That makes them preferred targets for potential attackers. Authorities and institutions must always be in a position to perform their organizational and infrastructure-related tasks. That calls for accurate and reliable video-based solutions, such as those offered by MOBOTIX. Stringent fire protection requirements always apply in high-traffic areas. And unauthorized intruders need to be kept out of sensitive areas, both those in the real world and those in the digital sphere. Intelligent MOBOTIX camera-based apps can now detect suspicious behavior or trigger an alarm in the event of overcrowding. High-performance video surveillance even reliably detects unattended luggage.


Being able to rely on video technology in a high-security environment, and even in poor lighting and weather conditions, is a critical factor in safe working procedures."


Phil Lisk, Bergen County Sheriff’s Office