Solutions in Government: Tangible Results

Fighting Crime In Real Time

Practical Application: Westchester County Police Department, USA

Westchester County has a population of around one million and is immediately adjacent to New York City. The "Real TimeCrime" (RTC) police unit consists of 100 investigators in 38 departments. Their goal is to surveil and track criminal activity in real time. And they are actively supported by MOBOTIX video technology, machine learning analysis, license plate recognition, and government databases.

MOBOTIX systems on traffic controls and lights log and archive information about every car that passes. Deep learning applications can be used to identify the license plate, color, brand, and model. Vehicles that have been stolen or used to commit crime are highlighted immediately. This has already made it possible to recover 537 vehicles. The system has been able to provide valuable clues in over 4,000 other cases, such as missing person searches and terror warnings. The RTC is now one of the leading technological tracking networks in the USA.

The MOBOTIX M16 AllroundDual cameras with IR illuminator and the hemispherical S16 DualFlex cameras deliver high-resolution images, even in low-light conditions or under extreme weather conditions. The cameras – which now number over 200 in total – are also durable and maintenance-free. This saves valuable taxpayer dollars.