MOBOTIX offers industry-optimized video surveillance solutions
February 19, 2020

MOBOTIX offers industry-optimized video surveillance solutions

for safer and more effective industrial and production processes

Langmeil, 19 February 2020 - The new open and modular video system platform MOBOTIX 7 fundamentally changes the use of video surveillance and video analysis. With its product portfolio of hardware, software and intelligent partner solutions, MOBOTIX can precisely map the current and even future requirements of various industries. One of the main areas of focus is the industrial and production sector.


With MOBOTIX 7, MOBOTIX is completing its product and solution portfolio to meet all requirements in the industrial and production sector. The MOBOTIX MOVE models, the proven Mx6 and the new MOBOTIX 7 series cover all current and even future market requirements. From the high-quality standard camera to the AI-based high-end IoT video system developed for innovative and future applications: Robust, reliable, secure - Beyond Human Vision.


Safety and efficiency in industry & production: Prevent burglaries, avoid fires

Burglaries, unauthorized entry into danger zones, fires and accidents are the main risks for companies in manufacturing and industry. It is essential to prevent economic and especially personal injury. For example, smoke and flames on vehicles, machines or containers can be detected early on. For this purpose, state-of-the-art video analysis methods are "latched" directly into the camera firmware in the form of specialized apps. MOBOTIX also offers efficient options for reliably monitoring sensitive indoor and outdoor areas. For example, eye-tracking video analysis can save lives in an emergency, because it ensures that employees working in hazardous areas are always paying the necessary attention during the production process. If the video system detects inattention, machines are automatically stopped.


Much more than safety: Modern video technology helps to improve processes

With modern video surveillance and analysis, companies are increasingly able to optimize processes. For example, intelligent MOBOTIX systems can help reduce machine downtime, which makes a decisive contribution to more effective production. The fact that the cameras are maintenance-free is a big plus for company budgets. Industrial and manufacturing companies benefit from numerous special video analysis apps that are already available today and will be available in the near future.

"Together with our partners, we are continuously developing intelligent industry solutions that meet the needs of their users. Supported by Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, our video systems can be tailored precisely to the needs of our customers. In this way, they meet the specific and individual challenges of our customers in industry and production," explains Hartmut Sprave, CTO of MOBOTIX AG.


Ready for use even under extreme conditions

In industrial and production plants, extreme environmental conditions prevail in some cases. Temperature fluctuations, dust, humidity - the robust video systems "Made in Germany" defy even difficult external influences and are among the most reliable in the industry. Most Mobotix cameras have an average service life - measured by the Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) - of over 80,000 hours (>9 years). For indoor and outdoor installation, no additional protective housing or air conditioning measures are required. The highly sensitive optics, thermal sensors, infrared illuminators and even the intelligent apps master the most difficult optical conditions, such as darkness, steam, smoke and fog.


Focus on data security and data protection

Edge computing is an elementary component of MOBOTIX DNA. MOBOTIX cameras are highperformance computers with eyes. The entire video analysis - and optionally also the recording - takes place in the camera, with brilliant image quality, in real time and intelligently selforganized. The autonomous IoT cameras transmit images - securely end-to-end encrypted according to the highest standards - into the network only when relevant events occur. Transmitting less data also means that there are fewer opportunities for cyber attacks. Edge computing eliminates the need for central video servers and recording devices.


Cyber security "Made in Germany"

MOBOTIX only uses high-performance, high-quality electronic components. This principle is consistently applied throughout the digital world. Cyber security enjoys the highest priority at MOBOTIX and is lived intensively through the MOBOTIX Cactus Concept. For example, MOBOTIX is certified for the best cyber security by the internationally renowned French testing institute CNPP (Centre National de Prévention et de Protection) - the first European manufacturer to be so. Data security with regard to the GDPR is also elementary for MOBOTIX. Both access rights and camera settings can be adjusted sensitively and according to the application: 100 percent "Made in Germany" for the highest possible cyber security.

"MOBOTIX thus offers industrial and manufacturing companies a complete product range that covers all needs and requirements in industry and production as a complete solution. Together with our partners and end customers, we develop customized systems from our entire product and solution portfolio that optimally meet the industry- and company-specific challenges," says MOBOTIX CEO Thomas Lausten.



MOBOTIX is a leading manufacturer of premium-quality intelligent IP video systems, setting standards for innovative camera technologies and decentralized security solutions with the highest level of cybersecurity and GDPR compliant. MOBOTIX was founded in 1999 and is based in Langmeil, Germany. The company conducts its own research and development and manufactures its own products with the guarantee of excellence attached to "Made in Germany." Other sales offices are located in New York, Dubai, Sydney, Paris and Madrid. Customers worldwide trust in the durability and reliability of MOBOTIX hardware and software. The flexibility, built-in intelligence and unparalleled data security of the company's solutions are valued in many industries. MOBOTIX products and solutions help customers in industries such as industrial manufacturing, retail, logistics, and healthcare. With strong international technology partnerships, the company is expanding its universal platform and new applications in a wide variety of areas through the use of Artificial intelligence and Deep learning modules.