May 13, 2020


Intelligent Project Planning Tool shortens planning time by far

Langmeil, Germany - By launching the new AI Supported Planning Tool “MOBOTIX CREATOR”, MOBOTIX enables planners and architects to optimize system planning in minutes instead of days. The new online project planning tool revolutionizes the entire planning process for video security systems. Using artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms, the system can generate schematics, proposals and designs based on parameters and reduce or eliminate buffers, estimation and miscalculation.

"We are initially offering our partners the basic version of MOBOTIX CREATOR free of charge. A software download is not necessary. Planning is simply done directly via the browser. Even the basic version enables comprehensive planning. It is suitable for 300 projects per year with up to 65 cameras per project. Soon, we will also be making a paid, unlimited all-round version available for external planners and end customers," explains Thomas Gladel, MOBOTIX Manager Trainings / A&E Support.
The MOBOTIX CREATOR assists in camera placement which is automatically calculated by AI algorithms. The parameters are for you to decide based on your project application. The building or site plan of the respective project serves as the basis for planning. This is uploaded by the planner or architect, for example as a CAD file. With the push of a button a simulation which encompasses lens angle , resolution, placement, distance and form factor takes place to provide a solution.

In 2 -3 minutes you have completed design work which could take up to a day if not more.  As a planner you can then customize based on your needs. In addition to the placement and the type of camera, even the mounting accessories, the required cabling, the network to be provided and the required storage capacities are determined.

With this planning tool, MOBOTIX AG underlines its commitment to provide the best tools for their partners and to support them as a solution provider at all times. "The CREATOR is a real workload and time saver for MOBOTIX installers and system integrators," Thomas Gladel is certain. "This digital tool brings real added value to our partners. The time saved from planning can be used to acquire and support new customers, thus not only making work easier, but also increasing the sales potential.”