MOBOTIX M73 is SySS certified
July 13, 2020

MOBOTIX M73 is SySS certified

Cyber security of the entire MOBOTIX IoT camera series confirmed


Langmeil, July 2020 - The M73, MOBOTIX’s new high-performance camera based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), is the latest in MOBOTIX’s lineup to have received the SySS IT security certificate. After completing multiple tests, SySS GmbH now attests that the entire MOBOTIX IoT camera series has a particularly high level of cyber security. In addition to the M73, the M16, representing the entire Mx6 series, also has earned the SySS certificate. This is a continuation of the MOBOTIX Cactus Concept, which stands for a reliable, end-to-end video system protection against hacker attacks.


In several scenarios, the hardware and software components of the M73 were subjected to simulated state-of-the-art hacker attacks. The penetration testers at SySS GmbH are very familiar with attack methods on IT systems and are researching new ways and means of preventing intrusion into digital infrastructures. With this extensive know-how, SySS GmbH is the penetration test market-leader in Germany as they test IT landscapes, looking for both common and unique weaknesses and other security vulnerabilities.


"With the SySS certification of our new M73 video system, we are proving that MOBOTIX continuously strives for the best possible cyber security for all of our camera series," emphasizes MOBOTIX CEO, Thomas Lausten. "Our Mx6 range is one of the market-leading systems for classic security camera applications and is the first choice for many of our customers. The robustness and durability of the power-saving system is in line with the classic MOBOTIX DNA and is ONVIF-compliant despite the decentralized approach. The SySS certification of the new, open MOBOTIX 7 platform and the M73 proves that we have achieved the goal of ‚highest data and cyber security‘ even with our most powerful camera series," says Lausten. "This also applies to the Certified Apps that are integrated in the firmware, which comprehensively extend the modularity of our systems.“


The MOBOTIX Apps based on Deep Learning and solutions from renowned partners are explicitly verified and certified by MOBOTIX. Users can use exactly the apps in their video systems that they need for their requirements.


MOBOTIX - Beyond Human Vision in all Security Camera Series

MOBOTIX’s various camera series are tailored to the requirements of end customers and cover all market needs, from standard to specialized and high-performance. The new MOBOTIX 7 series is the highly intelligent high-end IoT video system developed for innovative applications based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). It covers not only all current, but also future market needs, which can be met with a constantly growing range of advanced video analysis apps. "MOBOTIX cameras are robust, reliable and (cyber)secure - Beyond Human Vision," says the MOBOTIX CEO.