MOBOTIX Video Security Solutions that Sets the Standards in Education & Science

Security at educational institutions is a highly sensitive issue. No matter whether kindergarten, school, university or private learning institute: concentrated learning requires a harmonious environment to focus on the essentials. High-end video technology can make a decisive contribution to protecting students from any kind of disturbance. Therefore, the vertical "Education and Science" is one of six core verticals on which MOBOTIX AG will focus its know-how in the future.


The primary goal is to prevent "unauthorized access" to the school grounds and to allow only authorized visitors. Further potential danger exists internally: Vandalism, bullying and violence by or among students are issues that may arise sometimes in school life. Of course, early smoke and fire detection are also important components for a safe learning and living environment. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought new health protection requirements into focus. MOBOTIX Video technology can provide reliable support in all these scenarios. "These solutions are already in use around the world and have proven themselves to be very effective," says Thomas Lausten, CEO of MOBOTIX AG.


Scalability, effectiveness and reliability as big advantages.


Using the new open video system platform MOBOTIX 7, numerous camera apps can be used for intelligent video analysis. Among other things, the applications can register, for example, ownerless luggage, stolen furnishings, can track down suspicious persons, count people or recognize overcrowding situations.


In most cases, the intensive security efforts are directly related to limited budgets. That is why it is important in the field of education & science that funds go into modern technology which is particularly sustainable, durable and reliable. MOBOTIX security systems achieve this and are also easy in human resources. This allows school personnel to focus on the essentials: Promoting the next generation.