October 29, 2020

For the first time 4 modules in one camera:

MOBOTIX Launches S74 High-End Video System

Langmeil, October 2020 - With the new S74 video system, MOBOTIX is significantly expanding the MOBOTIX 7 platform possibilities. Our new model is a high-performance IoT camera that includes up to four modules, which allows for more flexiblity than any other MOBOTIX video system. With its concealed camera housing, the camera acts exceptionally discreetly. Only the modules in the various mounts are visible. Equipped with connection cables up to 3 meters long, these optical, thermal and functional modules can be placed anywhere and, for example, can be connected simultaneously in several directions, around corners or in different rooms - inside and outside. The S74 can also access already integrated camera apps that can be expanded almost indefinitely. That makes the video system universally suitable for any imaginable requirement in the most diverse industries. 

S74 Modules

MOBOTIX sets new standards in image quality 

In addition to the already well-known 4K UHD modules in numerous lens opening angles, MOBOTIX presents a real world-first with the S74: The Ultra LowLight 4MP Day & Night sensor module with automatic day/night switching. The Ultra LowLight technology can produce brilliant images, even in minimal lighting conditions, while faithfully reproducing the colors. That is important, for example, when identifying vehicles or persons, even in the darkest of areas. The modules also have shorter exposure times, significantly increasing the objects' sharpness moving through the twilight image. The excellent signal-to-noise ratio (SRV) of 0.19 demonstrates the impressing brilliance of the Ultra LowLight sensors. That corresponds to a four times higher light sensitivity compared to a 4K UHD module.

MOBOTIX also has vigorous backlighting technology. Thanks to the optimized Wide Dynamic Range function (WDR), all MOBOTIX 7 generation cameras can easily cope with challenging lighting conditions. WDR simultaneously combines different images with different exposure times into one image,  automatically brighting areas that are too dark and preventing areas that are too bright. The result is a more accurate, detailed image in all areas.

The excellent image quality seamlessly continues in the thermal area. With VGA thermal technology and an extended image angle of up to 90° x 69°, you can recognize the smallest details. Large areas (perimeter protection) and temperature differences can also be captured from great distances. 


The software of the open MOBOTIX 7 platform makes the S74 a universal camera

The S74 integrates perfectly into the open MOBOTIX 7 platform. Thanks to the MOBOTIX camera apps based on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, security or workflow processes are specifically supported. The existing MOBOTIX Certified Apps already cover a wide range of applications. Partners and customers can also develop apps for their specific applications, which can be integrated into the open MOBOTIX 7 platform. The S74 can provide a customized solution for every requirement. In this way, new camera app solutions are continually being created with unlimited possibilities. 

The pre-installed apps can be tested free of charge for 30 days and then activated individually via license if desired. Only high-quality professional market and partner solutions are integrated, tested, and certified by MOBOTIX to meet the high demands of quality and cybersecurity. 


Quality and cybersecurity "Made in Germany”

Robustness, reliability and data security are also core MOBOTIX values in the S74. The camera housing is made of powder-coated aluminum and weatherproof USB-C sockets. Data and cyber security of the S74 are united in decentralized edge computing. The S74 video system consists exclusively of rugged, high-quality components "Made in Germany". 

"With the MOBOTIX S74, we are setting new standards in AI-supported video technology. The system convinces with its performance, image quality, robustness and cybersecurity", explains Thomas Lausten, CEO of MOBOTIX, "Behind all this is our motivation, which applies to all MOBOTIX developments: Beyond Human Vision - with high benefits and added value for our customers".