Solutions For Healthcare: Optimize Processes


For smooth processes with high profitability

Video technology can improve and control processes. This saves time and ensures important tasks are completed. For example, video technology can support professional parking management and, with license plate recognition, only authorized vehicles to have access to defined areas. In this way, ambulance entrances can be kept clear, for example. A video system can also help with the billing of parking fees. Waiting areas can also be monitored effectively and improve queues and waiting times. Internal processes can also be mapped: High-resolution camera systems, e.g., in operating rooms, are ideal for training purposes. MOBOTIX systems can be perfectly integrated, e.g., as audio-video SIP in your laboratory or information systems (LIS) and electronic patient records (EMR). Many health and care facilities have restricted budgets. With a "Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)" of more than 9 years, which is above the industry average, the follow-up, resource need and maintenance costs of a MOBOTIX system are some of the lowest available.