Solutions For Healthcare: Safety & Protection


Duty of care for high-risk groups

The health care and nursing facilities are home to numerous people from low to high-risk groups not to mention the first line of responders who look after them such as doctors and nurses. With the MOBOTIX 7 platform and its versatile apps, we offer numerous solutions for safety & protection. Indenitfying high risk people when entering the facility and need to have further examination whether through temperature ranges or facial recognition. Overcrowding can be avoided and social distancing can be supported. MOBOTIX video systems can detect when masks are not worn and automatically trigger alarms or announcements. IMPORTANT: The multifunctional MOBOTIX video systems retain their added value beyond the the current situation. While many other systems operate in a very specific way, MOBOTIX technology can be upgraded, modified or scaled at any time for new requirements and continue to offer added value.