Solutions in Retail: Protection Against Loss of Money and Goods

Prevent and minimize damage

Inventory discrepancies result in substantial losses in the retail industry. Two-thirds of these discrepancies are caused by external shoplifters, while the other third can attributed to employees and suppliers. The high-resolution images provided by MOBOTIX cameras enable incidents to be documented, traced and clarified. Hemispherical cameras monitor large areas with their all-round vision and can even detect people "loitering" in the vicinity.

Regardless of light conditions, reliable detection of unwanted persons can trigger alarms automatically through Activity Sensor technology and event triggers. Using object detection and UltraLow Light sensors, MOBOTIX systems not protect the store itself but warehouse space and roof entry points while also being a deterrent for would be intruders.

Video technology can also be linked to the POS system, so that synchronous evaluations of POS movements and video images are possible. This allows inventory or cash register discrepancies to be effectively clarified.