July 08, 2021

MOBOTIX Positions Itself as a Convincing and Seamless Solution Provider

Langmeil – With the launch of the MOBOTIX HUB - a limitlessly expandable video management system (VMS) to which more than 10,000 devices can be connected regardless of location - MOBOTIX completes its hardware, software, app and VMS offering and positions itself as a convincing and seamless solution provider.
"From the single camera in the private sector to the largest conceivable video management solution in a wide range of branches, MOBOTIX can now cover every project worldwide - regardless of size, locations or required solution," said Hartmut Sprave, CTO of MOBOTIX AG.

Since his appointment as Chief Technology Officer 3 years ago, the physicist has pursued a stringent technology strategy: "The 'technology leadership' strategy was followed by an 'overall strategy' after the launch of the open and intelligent video platform MOBOTIX 7 in October 2020, which was completed with the market launch of MOBOTIX HUB," said Sprave.

We now have a convincing range of hardware, software, apps and video management systems that, in combination, represent a seamless solution offering," said the MOBOTIX CTO. In addition, MOBOTIX has established in the first half of 2021 an R&D team at the Madrid office, which focuses in particular on the development of AI-based apps.

For example, AI-based apps have been successfully developed, are already or will soon be launched for the following sectors:

Energy sector: MOBOTIX apps recognize special bird species such as red kites, stop operation and thus endanger the animals. Thus, MOBOTIX cameras with this app on wind turbines ensure acceptance among the population and support environmental protection.

Governmental institutions: MOBOTIX apps recognize number plates from a moving car. This simplifies law enforcement by the police.

Healthcare: MOBOTIX apps detect temperatures, bodily functions and behavior, e.g. when people fall down. This makes it easier to care for people in need of help. Nursing staff can be deployed more efficiently.


Open camera platforms based on artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning modules, permanent software enhancements, proprietary apps and apps developed together with market-leading technology partners, together with a comprehensive VMS offering, result in a solution diversity that can realise the tasks in a sustainable way. "We think about the future and create solutions for the resulting challenges," is how Sprave describes his strategic approach.