September 30, 2021

MOBOTIX project in Cannes successfully ends its first peak season

AI in smart city strategies is growing rapidly worldwide

MOBOTIX video systems demonstrated effectiveness and efficiency in Cannes on the Boulevard de la Croisette in their first holiday peak season. In 2020, MOBOTIX S16 Dual Flex cameras with 180-degree vision were integrated into 34 lighting masts from partner Technilum. They were discreetly integrated below the lighting, thus supporting the smart city strategy of the French film metropolis without disturbing the aesthetics of the boulevard. Hemispherical cameras, like the MOBOTIX S16, allow a fish-eye view without any blind spots. Software supports the analysis of the images obtained and avoids false alarms. The order volume in Euro for this project was in the six-digit range.

© Hugo Da Costa

The Boulevard de la Croisette is the center of the Cannes Film Festival and a tourist attraction year-round. The promenade on the adjacent beach should be safe for residents and visitors without appearing like a maximum-security area. The S16 is designed to be inconspicuous and discreet. In France, awareness for AI had grown after various events, e.g., in Nice. The intelligent MOBOTIX solution helps increase safety on the promenade reliably, weather-proof, and with the highest quality images. MOBOTIX won the order in Cannes in part to its CNPP-certified cyber security. MOBOTIX was the first manufacturer in Europe to receive the French "CNPP Certification" for its video security systems with the highest protection against cyber attacks in 2019.

Video solutions are a global growth market in which AI is increasingly being used. Industry experts expect 7.0% growth p.a. worldwide (ex China) in 2020-25 on average. In addition to cameras, MOBOTIX is increasingly offering software solutions that enable a wide range of smart city projects based on AI. Thanks to targeted apps, the MOBOTIX 7 platform opens up a wide range of solutions in addition to security applications such as in Cannes, e.g., monitoring of traffic, license plates, hazardous goods, and object recognition. 

"In Cannes, MOBOTIX underlines its performance strength as an all-around solution provider. As a partner of cities and municipalities, we offer video technology solutions for public services and intelligent smart city concepts. We make people's lives safer with the highest possible level of cybersecurity through the use of AI," said Thomas Lausten, CEO of MOBOTIX AG, and adds: "After New York (Hudson River Park), Rome (Ministery of the Interior) and Istanbul (new airport), Cannes is another successful chapter of our intelligent city concepts and traffic solutions. New smart city projects are being followed very closely in the market. We will soon see our intelligent video systems in many other locations."


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