Concepts with certified partners, system integrators and solution providers

Together, we present our customers with custom-tailored concepts. Our modular trainings qualify you to work as a specialist in MOBOTIX IP video security solutions.


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Classroom Trainings

Technical lab trainings with an extensive hands-on component. Inside the training lab, you’ll work with MOBOTIX cameras in the shared network and learn how to install the software and configure the hardware and software.

You’ll work your way through training exercises modeled on real-life applications and can immediately test your solutions to see that they work.

Classroom Trainings



Live trainings at your workplace or at your home. Our webinars regularly provide you with configuration examples related to typical real-life scenarios.

We’ll show you the best practice configuration and can also address individual special cases live.


Online Courses (eCampus)

You can resume working on our on-site trainings in the online seminar portal eCampus, where you can also download all the documentation.

There, you will also find many more update trainings on our cameras and software solutions.

Online Courses

Video Tutorials

Video Trainings

Watch video instructions on how to switch out camera sensors or assemble camera accessories.

We’ll show you this and much more in brief video tutorials that you can watch in the office or on your smartphone when you’re on the go.

Video Trainings


Are you looking for datasheets on our products, or operating manuals for MxManagementCenter or a particular camera?

Then you’ve come to the right place. We offer how-to’s on specific configuration scenarios as well as “Compact Guide” brochures covering all specialty fields. You can also find all the required product documentation here.


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