Innovative Swiss Schools Use MOBOTIX Camera Technology

The Eduzis schools (taken from the Latin “educta”, meaning “to learn”, and “Du”, the German word for “you” used among family and friends) are located in Zurich’s immediate surroundings, with the “Eichi” site in Niederglatt and “Seehalde” site in Niederhasli. The schools are attended by approximately 500 children aged 11–15. Around 100 adults work in the schools, which are members of the Association of Mosaik Secondary Schools and therefore place a particular emphasis on individuality and independence. Mixed-age learning and genuine inclusivity are central components of this concept. 

Challenge — Staying on Top of Things Day and Night

The schools used to constantly receive unwelcome visitors. For example, there were repeated instances of vandalism and theft, especially at the bike sheds. Time and again, the groundskeepers had to dispose of discarded cigarettes and bottles, as well as signs of drug use. Leisure facilities closing during the Covid-19 pandemic led to an increase in the number of these unwanted visits to the school grounds, which eventually prompted the school’s directors to take action.


Solutions and Benefits — Budget-Friendly and Weather-Proof

Twenty-one MOBOTIX M73 cameras are now in use across the two sites, each featuring two lenses (day and night) and IR emitters. The 4K cameras boast excellent image quality and a modular design. This means that in many locations, one camera can monitor multiple areas at the same time, thereby lowering the cost of the project.

The high-resolution video recordings enable all movements around the school buildings to be followed. The video footage is only analyzed if something looks suspicious or something has been damaged. The MOBOTIX video surveillance system has led to a significantly higher number of perpetrators being caught. The camera’s effect as a deterrent is also evident. 

We are extremely satisfied. Our primary goal has already been achieved: The high-resolution 4K recordings allow us to follow almost every movement around the school building and investigate should something suspicious happen. The additional software available for the modular cameras means they have even more potential.

Roger Eckert, groundskeeper at the Eichi site

Conclusion — Basic Goal Achieved, Potential New Applications 

Currently, the 7th-generation MOBOTIX cameras are used purely for investigation purposes. But the cameras’ flexibility means there is potential for additional applications, including the use of intelligent apps should minimum distances need to be observed or overcrowding avoided as part of coronavirus control measures, for example.