After a history of false alarms and other issues with basic security needs, a premier private school on the West Coast needed to act immediately to modernize its security system. School administrators turned to MOBOTIX with the primary goal of improving the safety for the over 1,200 students, large faculty, and a campus set on 22 acres.

Key Data




K-12 Private School, USA


Convergint Technologies




44 x MOBOTIX T25 Outdoor Station and Access Module

The Solution

To improve situational awareness campus wide, 44 MOBOTIX T26 Outdoor Station and Access Modules were placed throughout the school.

The powerful high-resolution, hemispheric IP video door station allows for keyless entry to secured buildings, fulfilling access management and video surveillance needs simultaneously. The hemispheric 360-degree lens covers an entire entryway, leaving no blind spots from wall to wall, or floor to ceiling. Outfitted with automatic audio and video recording capabilities, the T26 surveils all events, while two-way communication functionality allows for visitor contact and management from anywhere in the world. For enhanced police response time, MOBOTIX’s T26 is also equipped with an emergency duress button that immediately connects to law enforcement, with a typical response time of 20-30 seconds. Once first responders have been alerted, the system automatically works through emergency communications protocol, ensuring a unified message from administrators.

Not only was MOBOTIX able to provide an Emergency Duress platform to get first responders onsite quickly; the system also meets the needs for Video Surveillance, Mass Notification and Video Intercom.

George Honaker, Technical Project Engineer


Having the ability to merge two solutions, access management and video surveillance, into a single device not only creates a more efficient system, but also aids with budgetary requirements by cutting down both hardware and installation costs. While there is no true way to stop a tragedy, the use of advanced security technologies allows schools to minimize damages and take preventative measures to better protect their students.