The Zoilo Ríos Group from the northern Spanish region of Aragon was founded in 1927. Today, the company is an integrated energy and ancillary services provider with more than 150 employees and operates 19 gas stations, among others. The company has achieved sustainable growth with the continuous expansion of new facilities and innovative products and services in various business areas.

The challenge - twilight and darkness 

Incidents repeatedly occur at gas stations, and identifying vehicle license plates plays a key role in solving them. Zoilo Ríos needed an effective solution to reliably recognize and store the license plates of customers filling up at gas stations. The analog monitoring systems used to date provided inadequate and inaccurate images, especially in poor lighting conditions, and only allowed patchy identification.

The solution - MOBOTIX ultra-visibility and Vaxtor all-round app

Thanks to the recommendation of a well-known parking garage operator, Grupo Zoilo Ríos was already using MOBOTIX cameras to monitor some of its truck parking spaces. Following this positive experience, MOBOTIX was selected as the central supplier for expanding the security system.

MOBOTIX Ultra-LowLight modules deliver clear images even in low light and unfavorable light. Since the video system is also integrated into the open MOBOTIX 7 platform, using the Vaxtor Make Model Color App provides a complete all-around package. Thus, the vehicle's license plate, type, make, and color are recognized.

Conclusion - Clear recommendation - the system is worthwhile

In the meantime, 50 cameras have already been installed at the Group’s various gas stations. A few cameras can cover a large area and provide reliable data around the clock, even at dusk or in low-light conditions. “We appreciate the great flexibility of the camera’s built-in apps and the excellent image quality of the camera recordings. We can highly recommend this MOBOTIX solution to our colleagues in the industry,” adds Rios Torre.

We knew that MOBOTIX cameras are more demanding in price than devices from low-cost manufacturers. However, it pays off to rely exclusively on top quality. This is the only way to achieve the results we want.

Ignacio Ríos Torre, Technical Director at Zoilo Ríos