Hudson River Park extends over six miles along Manhattan’s west side, attracting over 17 million visits each year. The Park provides an oasis for New Yorkers and visitors alike with a variety of recreational and educational activities including an outdoor concert venue, biking paths, and family-friendly shops.

Exceptional Engineering Challenges

Authorities at Hudson River Park Trust wanted to provide surveillance on their expansive 550 acre riverfront park & sanctuary along the Hudson River front in NYC. This surveillance system would need to provide archived & live footage from large areas with heavy foot traffic. Cameras would have to be easily powered & not require a large amount of maintenance. Further complicating things, many of the piers have no hardwired shared network connection, have vast distances between them, and the selected surveillance cameras would need to be in operation 24/7 while being fully exposed to the elements.


Camera Surveillance In Public Spaces

Multi-Media Communications (MMC) was chosen due to their well-known expertise in wireless network & IT solutions. MMC had been using MOBOTIX exclusively since the M10’s were released in 1999. 

They then created a sophisticated backbone of wireless networking system – leveraging both high and low frequency transceivers - that would provide reliable connection from pier to pier, with extremely low latency, and robust enough to transmit the required bandwidth.

Because of the flexibility of the software, recording on the edge and reliability, MOBOTIX is the best camera for our applications. Failure rates are almost nonexistent, which translates into less service calls, a better bottom line, and a highly reliable system.

Rick Kaminer, Vice President of MMC

Success with MOBOTIX Solutions

To date, a total of (114) MOBOTIX M16’s are in operation at Hudson River Park, along with (8) strategically deployed 3MP MOBOTIX Move PTZ’s, all over a vast PTP wireless backbone to a centrally managed location.

As one of the most complex wireless deployments on the East Coast, this wildly successful deployment continues to grow, and has maintained its critical-use overwatch of an increasingly popular hotspot.