March 10, 2022

MOBOTIX solutions meet global TAPA standards

Langmeil, March 2022 – The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) has granted MOBOTIX membership, enabling MOBOTIX to provide the highest level of cargo security through MOBOTIX systems and solutions in accordance with TAPA standards. Manufacturers, freight companies, logistics service providers and law enforcement agencies are organized in TAPA with the aim of reducing losses in international supply chains. TAPA requirements are recognized as the global standard for cargo operations and transportation security. Theft and consequent loss of goods and disruption of supply chains resulting in lost production have become a major concern for the logistics and transportation industries. "More and more manufacturers therefore expect their logistics and transport companies to be TAPA certified and thus able to guarantee freight security within supply chains," explains Christian Heller, Vice President Sales North und Central Europe at MOBOTIX AG. "We sought TAPA membership in the interest of our customers in the logistics and transport industry and now want to steadily deepen our expert knowledge in the logistics and transport industry, as well as enable us to exceed TAPA standards for our solutions with regard to video surveillance," says Heller.

TAPA's main focus is on theft prevention through the use of real-time information and the latest prevention measures. Minimum standards have been established for the storage and transportation of goods, as well as for the parking of transport vehicles.

Many customers in the logistics industry and insurers of high-tech goods require compliance with TAPA standards. Logistics and transportation companies can then demonstrate to insurance companies and their end customers that they are meeting global standards for minimum assurance that will minimize and, in the best case, prevent cargo losses. In addition to the Global TAPA Standards Facility Security Requirements (FSR), which defines security requirements for operating facilities, the Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) focuses exclusively on transportation by truck. Alongside this, the Parking Security Requirements (PSR) for the EMEA region sets minimum standards specifically for secure parking areas used by vehicles transporting goods by road.

"Video technology plays a role in FSR and PSR in particular, and we are currently working through an inquiry for a general contractor for a logistics site in Germany," explains Heller, who is confident that "TAPA membership is a compelling selling point for MOBOTIX solutions in the logistics sector, as TAPA certifies that MOBOTIX solutions can successfully minimize and even prevent the increasing number of attacks on supply chains - particularly through gang-related theft."