Founded in 2002, Digifort is an award-winning company that specializes in video surveillance software and video monitoring intelligence. Digifort's intelligent video monitoring software utilizes the highest levels of available technology, providing the best performance to suit any requirement. Digifort is in more than 120 countries with its platform translated into 18 languages. The company has built a solid trajectory and reputation that covers the globe.

Digifort is proven to be extremely stable due to our solid coding and performance driven philosophy. More responsive and less CPU intensive than many of our competitors.

We offer genuinely integrated solutions such as Facial recognition using deep learning & AI, video synopsis, number plate recognition, Video Analytics to name a few.

Our development and feature sets are strong thanks to our philosophy “Voice of Customer.” “Digifort Listens”

We remain always at the cutting edge of technology in order to bring our customers the latest and the best! Always anticipating the everchanging requirements for security.

The key reason why we have been successful in the tough competitive region is that we only promote deliverable solutions. This requires absolute best product knowledge both hardware and software, as well as local challenges and expectations. Digifort remains independent of any brand loyalty as we are truly open architecture.