Our world is digital. Highly developed technologies influence and mark all sectors of life. Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are playing an increasingly important role at home as well as in the industrial sector and commerce. All these trends have one thing in common: They need high-performance data networks as a basis. MICROSENS offers holistic solutions which enable the user to keep pace with digitisation in every respect. Be it by means of top-quality network components for enterprises, industry, and suppliers or virtual automation solutions for intelligent buildings.


As one of the pioneers in fiber optic technology, the company has developed and manufactured high-performance communications and transmission systems in Germany since 1993. In the field of “Network Components”, the focus is on high-performance components

for data transmission. No matter whether in harsh environments, in the office and workplace, or between carrier and customer networks – MICROSENS develops future-proof fiber optic technology for application-specific solutions. In addition to the traditional business field “Network Components”, MICROSENS has opened up a new business unit with “Smart Building Solutions”, which systematically translates the idea of digitisation into building technology. This enables MICROSENS to develop building automation systems using the IT network as their infrastructure.