July 06, 2022

Using MOBOTIX Video intelligence to Improve Production Processes

Langmeil, July 2022 – Konica Minolta combines in-house video analytics expertise and intelligent MOBOTIX video technology with COPA-DATA's established IoT software platform zenon to create new potential in production workflows.


For several years, Konica Minolta and MOBOTIX have been working on video monitoring of processes and operations in various environments, such as industry and production. "For regulated process monitoring, it is necessary that all information and events, as well as alarms, are recorded in a structured manner. In this context, collecting and structuring large amounts of data is necessary to enable targeted intervention in production processes. This is made possible by our solutions with intelligent video analysis," says Julian Körber, project manager at Konica Minolta.


With the support of artificial intelligence and deep learning, intelligent IP video systems from MOBOTIX AG can already detect deviations from standards in industrial production processes. In the joint solution with Austrian automation specialist and software manufacturer COPA-DATA, Konica Minolta can now process real-time information from video surveillance applications.


"More and more companies are building on end-to-end data capture and processing without media breaks at the production level. With COPA-DATA, we have a partner that brings great experience in connecting components and systems from different manufacturers and significantly increases the added value through data," explains Julian Körber.


"Intelligent video technology has long gone beyond pure security applications. With the support of high-end video systems - like here in process monitoring and control - our customers save money or increase their revenues. The capture and processing of data are increasingly important," says MOBOTIX CEO Thomas Lausten. “In industry and production, we have already successfully supported numerous companies, as the example of Kuhn Rikon shows, among others.”


"The simple integration of MOBOTIX video systems into these solutions offers users new possibilities in remote monitoring, live acquisition, and the processing of information through integrated camera intelligence. The combination of technologies provides essential process optimization in the industrial sectors of food & beverage, automotive or life sciences," said Emilian Axinia, project manager at COPA-DATA.


In recent months, intensive work has been done on the first test runs. Konica Minolta and partner COPA-DATA are increasingly planning to implement joint projects with intelligent MOBOTIX video systems in production and merge data points with video sequences.


About Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Austria designs the intelligently connected workplace. It accompanies its customers through the digital era as a reliable and professional partner, creating added value through data for its customers. With its intelligent office products such as market-leading printing systems, cloud services and IT services, the company supports mobile working and the optimization and digitalization of business processes, among other things.



COPA-DATA is an independent software manufacturer in the field of digitalization of the manufacturing industry and energy sector. With the software platform zenon®, machines, plants, buildings and power grids are automated, controlled, monitored, networked and optimized worldwide. COPA-DATA combines decades of experience in automation with the possibilities of digital transformation. As a result, the company helps its customers achieve their goals more easily, quickly and efficiently.