Vatican Apostolic Library, Vatican City

The holdings of the "Pope's Library," one of the most prestigious research archives in the world, are priceless. The archive contains works dating back to the fourth century. It holds 150,000 manuscripts and 1.5 million books, as well as unique coins and maps.

In 2010, 70 MOBOTIX M12D video systems were installed in the library's reading and storage rooms for reliable anti-theft protection. They have been protecting this unique cultural gem ever since.

Authorization is handled using a sophisticated system, which combines radio frequency identification (RFID) technology with MOBOTIX video surveillance. A message is triggered when the library's holdings are accessed, as well as an alarm if necessary. The individual responsible for library loans can identify and verify the person requesting a loan using video technology. The clear and distortion-free images supplied by MOBOTIX cameras are vitally important for those working within the Vatican, since they must be able to see people's faces properly.