March 28, 2022

MOBOTIX Offers VdS-approved Thermal Imaging Systems For Early Fire Detection

Langmeil, March 28, 2022 – The MOBOTIX M16 VdS Thermal TR solution consisting of a thermal imaging camera, special firmware, and additional components has been approved by VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH, Europe's largest institute for corporate security, since March 2022. MOBOTIX customers can therefore be sure that they will be warned of fire damage as early and as effectively as possible and know that, despite the optimum protection, any damage that occurs will be settled quickly and comprehensively by the insurance company.


The VdS-approved fire protection solution opens up new sales potential for MOBOTIX AG and its partners, especially around certified fire alarm systems. While MOBOTIX thermal technology already provides the best early fire detection, the video systems with their recognition can now also be integrated into existing VdS-certified fire protection systems. Moreover, the renowned seal of quality confirms the high level of MOBOTIX Thermal expertise and underlines the positive brand reputation on the market.


Detecting fires reliably and as early as possible is the goal of early fire detection that MOBOTIX has been pursuing for a long time with its camera technology - to intervene quickly, prevent damage and protect people. It works like this: Thermal Radiometry (TR) cameras from MOBOTIX with calibrated thermal image sensor measure thermal radiation in the entire image area and trigger a so-called event when limit values are exceeded. This can be an alarm or a network message, or even the direct triggering of a fire extinguishing system.


The camera-based MOBOTIX solution is impressive because it is quick and inexpensive to install, which is usually much easier and less expensive than, for example, linear heat detectors in the ceiling of a room. In addition, the thermal camera system, which can be installed at a distance of up to 60 meters from the heat source, can also react more quickly. Heat at the start of the fire is detected even before the heat has risen to the ceiling. Unlike aspirating smoke detectors, the MOBOTIX M16 TR is not dependent on smoke development.


The MOBOTIX solution, which has already proven itself in practice, has now been confirmed with VdS recognition as providing optimum protection for people, systems and goods against fire damage through early fire detection. "On the one hand, the VdS recognition confirms our excellent and reliable solution for early fire detection, but above all, it means for MOBOTIX customers optimal investment security in a fire alarm system that guarantees the criteria of the most renowned German institution for corporate security," explains Thomas Lausten, CEO of MOBOTIX AG.


The VdS-approved MOBOTIX solution mandatorily prescribes the system architecture with the M16 Thermal TR camera and three interface boxes and is already factory-equipped with special, certified software. It is also possible to upgrade a MOBOTIX M16 Thermal TR camera to the VdS level with a corresponding software update and the integration of the interface boxes mentioned above.