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Re-appointment of MOBOTIX CEO and CFO and Expansion of the Executive Board by a Chief Sales and Marketing Officer (CSMO)
MOBOTIX News Channel
MOBOTIX announces 27% Revenue Growth for 1st half of the 2022/23 Financial Year after BY 2021/22 below Forecast
Cybersecurity and Data Protection as Key Elements for Highest Quality of MOBOTIX Video Surveillance Systems
Christian Cabirol
New CTO of MOBOTIX AG starts on April 1st, 2023
i-PRO, MOBOTIX & Konica Minolta
i-PRO, MOBOTIX and Konica Minolta Strengthen Strategic Collaboration
The MOBOTIX E-Mobility-Solution-Pack Comprehensively Covers the Application Areas of the Growth Industry
Solar Technology and E-mobility Strengthen Sustainable Strategy of MOBOTIX AG
One-third of the electricity required is self-generated - share of e-cars in the vehicle fleet increases
Christian Cabirol
Christian Cabirol succeeds Hartmut Sprave as CTO
MOBOTIX & Konica Minolta
Konica Minolta Relies on MOBOTIX to Expand its Global Video Solution Services
Konica Minolta combines MOBOTIX cameras with AI apps for its corporate focus on 'ensuring social security'
MOBOTIX M16 Thermal Receives Fire Protection Certification Also in Austria

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