Solutions in Government: Conserving Resources

Relieve The Burden on Staff, Save Money, Earn Trust

Secure Workplaces and Efficient Workflows In The Public Sector

Public budgets and taxpayer money should be used responsibly. Robust and durable MOBOTIX high-end video systems do not require constant maintenance or replacement. This saves money and stress. Intelligent video technology also helps reduce the pressure on staff. Security guards no longer need to patrol certain routes or walk around the perimeter of the property, and processes can be automated. MOBOTIX cameras with intelligent apps can estimate crowd sizes. This avoids overcrowding and queuing, allowing authorities to provide a better public-facing service to citizens, for example. Not least, access to sensitive or non-public areas can be reliably controlled. A sense of security and order among the general population has a positive effect on overall wellbeing. MOBOTIX helps in this respect too.


The initial investment will have paid for itself within five years. With the MOBOTIX system, we've reduced costs by 50% thanks to longer service lives, less maintenance outlay, and energy savings


Saverio La Monaca, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Rome