Alha Group integrates MOBOTIX thermal technology and access control to ensure that staff, suppliers and guests are as safe as possible.
July 13, 2020

Alha Group integrates MOBOTIX thermal technology and access control to ensure that staff, suppliers and guests are as safe as possible.

By installing nine state-of-the-art MOBOTIX thermal imaging cameras, Alha meets the new requirements for ensuring that personnel are safe and protected during the Covid-19 outbreak.


Milan, July 13, 2020 — 400,000 tons of cargo passes through Malpensa Airport every year. The Alha Group is the leading cargo handling agent at the 25,000-square-meter site, which houses 32 airlines with 34 large cargo aircraft.

In 2012, Malpensa Cargo became a certified competence and administration center for air cargo and road transport — especially for premium-quality small goods such as smartphones, tablets, designer clothing and accessories. Since then, passenger transport in Malpensa has increased exponentially, which has driven the Alha Group to procure a video surveillance system that offers the very highest level of protection. The Group chose a system from MOBOTIX AG, which has been manufacturing cameras in Germany for over 20 years.


"We have installed nine MOBOTIX thermal imaging cameras at our sites in Malpensa, Rome Fiumicino, Segrate, Pioltello, Verona and Prato to strategically cover the key traffic areas," said Marco Alesi, Security Manager at the Alha Group.


The MOBOTIX thermal systems were installed by Alha's business partner Trium at the beginning of March in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Alha can now reliably control access to its offices and warehouses.


The project also saw the construction of a "virtual security cage" that Alha uses to protect the valuable goods its customers are transshipping against theft. An infrared alarm system delineates a defined area, and the video-based system triggers an alarm as soon as an intruder enters this area. With the help of live images from the camera, the uninvited guest can be identified and stopped immediately.


Alha has consequently replaced an expensive conventional locking system with an advanced digital video solution and sped up routine work processes at the same time. The MOBOTIX cameras are integrated into the burglar alarm system, which is controlled using security badges. A detailed log is kept to track when  the system is deactivated.


"We were, and still are, extremely satisfied with the MOBOTIX cameras we installed previously," emphasizes Marco Alesi. "Not only because of their high quality and durability, but also because of the numerous integration and development options we've been able to make use of over time. This is a huge advantage, and one that applies to our most recent installation too."


The timesheet system has an integrated thermal imaging camera that is activated every time an employee in the warehouse and office access area signs in. A recorded message asks the employee to look into the camera and remove any glasses or head coverings they may be wearing. If the camera measures their body temperature as being 37.5 degrees Celsius or less, a green LED on the camera flashes to allow access to the cargo bay. If the temperature measured is higher than 37.5°C, a flashing red light and another recorded message tell the employee to wait for a specialist member of staff to take their temperature using a clinical thermometer.


At the same time, the system sends an email with a dated camera screenshot, stored personnel data and the measured temperature. The VoIP intercom system integrated into the camera enables Alha security staff to immediately communicate with employees who were temporarily stopped when entering the company building.


"The extra checks are making us all safer during this crisis. We see the ability to contact someone immediately after they receive negative results for a preliminary test as an intrinsic part of our duty of care toward our employees," explains Alesi.