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Video Surveillance Management Software

Cathexis Technologies is a globally recognised Video Management Software developer. For more than 20 years Cathexis has shown how surveillance solutions can maximise return-on-investment for security management, infrastructure management, and business intelligence to improve every aspect of the clients’ organisation. The CathexisVision IP Video Management Software, with its extensive range of features, provides clients with efficient and effective surveillance solutions, helping them to optimise their surveillance investment to reap multiple rewards for their companies. CathexisVision boasts an open platform that supports the world’s most popular IP camera brands, allowing for the speedy setup of hundreds of on-site cameras in a matter of minutes, and ensuring the best solution for each unique application. The CathexisVision features improve the user experience and ability to efficiently manage a control room environment. Advanced search tools for example, dramatically speed up the process of viewing pre-recorded footage, while adjacent camera mapping effectively assists an operator to track a suspect through multiple camera scenes. Cathexis has developed a factory compatible driver using the MOBOTIX camera API to directly pull all camera features and functionality into CathexisVision software. The result is a combination of the benefits of MOBOTIX cameras with CathexisVision to create an integrated video management system for intelligent decision making, that delivers a real return on investment.

CathexisVision Features

Key Features & Benefits

3rd Party Integrations
Stable & reliable product
Cost-effective solutions
Advanced video features
Smart Surveillance
Quick & Easy Setup

Vertical Markets Include:

Cathexis’ video surveillance solutions can be found in many diverse vertical markets, such as Retail, Manufacturing, Banking, Healthcare, Mining, Education, Transport, Business Parks, City Surveillance, Government and Remote Monitoring, as well as Residential and Commercial Property sectors.

CathexisVision Features:

Adjacent Camera Mapping, Advanced Video Search, Alarm Management, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Bookmarking, Camera Parameter Cloning (CPC),CatMobile, CatObserver, Cyber Security, Designtool, Dynamic Video Stream Selection (DVSS),Event and Action Management,Failover, Health Monitoring, Heat Maps, IP Camera Support,Map Interface, Multi-server Site Management, Object Classification & Tracking, Off-site and Multi-site Monitoring, Setup Wizards, Storage Solutions, Third Party Systems Integration, Upgradeable Architecture, Video Analytics, Video Wall

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