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MxMSP™ powered by IPTechView™

Take MOBOTIX's decentralized and durable video surveillance platform to the next level with our ever-expanding suite of cloud services including: Cloud Recording & Storage, Instant access to Live Video Streams, Advanced Analytics, and Real Time Situational Awareness Alerts and Feeds.

MxMSP scalable, secure, multi-site enterprise-wide management solution enables easy and secure remote monitoring and maintenance of your entire system from anywhere at anytime.

More secure than most on-premise solutions; MxMSP's 2-Factor authentication and encryption (both transmitted & at rest provide unparalleled security and peace of mind).

No on-premise software, no loading client software, all system updates and security are managed platform side.

Whether a new or existing MOBOTIX deployments, on-boarding and implementation are a breeze.

Key Features & Benefits

Simplify and automate MOBOTIX deployment
Monitor camera and storage health
Automated preventive management with alerts
Full remote access and management capabilities
Cloud-based customer access platform
Cloud recording, storage and VMS
Access to all special MOBOTIX features including Activitysensor, heat map, analytics, temperature, audio events, and I/O
Remote access to camera-controlled I/O and IoT functions

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