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State-of-the-art video analytics software for the security industry

Irisity’s IRIS™ is the intelligent software solution that analyzes and filters surveillance footage in real time. IRIS™ can detect unwanted behavior; such as intrusion, violence, falls, loitering and flames – sending instant alarms for immediate action.

With over 15 years of continuous machine learning and advanced computer vision development IRIS™ delivers uniquely precise and reliable video analytics. The system only needs a few cameras to successfully monitor very large areas and can detect human movement down to only a few pixels.

MOBOTIX IoT cameras are integrated into the Irisity Server & Cloud applications. The combination introduces new, powerful integrated security solutions.

Irisity has best-in class AI driven video surveillance and a proven track record using MOBOTIX cameras and works with any MOBOTIX IoT cameras. Looking forward some analytics will be integrated to run embedded on the MOBOTIX 7 platform. The entire solution is modular. The IRIS™ software includes:

◦ State-of-the-art video analytics and image/video alarm filtering

◦ Cloud-based or offline configuration, administration and operational monitoring

◦ Streamlined alarm handling software

◦ Real-time alerts

◦ Support for recording video, also anonymized

Key Features & Benefits

AI based camera surveillance
Alarm-driven video analytics
15+ years machine learning
Compatible with MOBOTIX IoT cameras
Easy implementation and quick set-up

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