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Reliably warn a MOBOTIX user through optical, acoustical, and E-Mail alerts once an anomaly is detected.

The MOBOTIX camera detects tempeanomalies in the surrounding. The PATLITE signal tower visually and acoustically inform the user of this detected anomaly. Therefore, this joint solution ensures that the operator can react immediately and address the threat with the appropriate measures. As a result, this partnership enables the customer to reduce the reaction time to a threat. Both PATLITE signal towers are directly triggered by the MOBOTIX camera through the IP notification.

Key Features & Benefits

Ensure an immediate reaction to an identified threat through the visual and acoustic warning of the Signal Tower
Provides a centralized and decentralized alarm in case of emergency (signal tower can be placed in the production hall, a control room, etc)
LA6-POE: operated by Ethernet – so an additional power supply is not needed
NHL: The recipients and the density of information of the automatically sent E-mail are determined by the customer
Tried & tested: apply the solution to a wide range of industries

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